August 27, 2013

Tamil Nadu to Set Up Solar-Powered Borewells in Forests

Chennai Govt News: 

Tamil Nadu govt will drill bore wells and set up solar-powered motors to pump water to overhead tank in forests and sanctuaries to prevent wildlife from getting into villages in search of water during summer.

The govt said in a statement here on Monday that forest animals project into human habitation in search of water when water bodies in forests dry up in summer when the monsoon fails.

According to the declaration, water would be injected to expense reservoir through completely submersible solar pumps and would be used when needed.

Normal water from the expense reservoir will also be saved in start reasons for creatures to consume and also be used to douse woodlands shoots.

Tamil Nadu govt will set up the carried bore holes and expense tanks in Anamalai Competition Source, Mudumalai Competition Source, Sathyamangalam Competition Source and Kalakkadu Mundanthurai Competition Source in the state.

This apart the govt will also set up 26 solar water pumps but without expense aquariums in the four competition supplies and other woodlands source areas in Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Coimbatore and Vellore regions.

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