April 16, 2018

solar rooftop system done by AKSHAR BY KISHAN PATEL





we are solar roof topmanufacturer 

February 16, 2016

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solar water pump 5hp 2,50,000rs ac 3 phase motor, 5200watt solar panel ,mounting structure, controller complete system
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March 18, 2015

solar panel manufacturing compony

Akshar enterprise

solar panel manufacturer u.p.,orissa,bihar,harayana,punjab,

we also start to sell solar panel in uttarpradesh
1 kw starter package we can offer @ 1000usd we also make new type solar panel which is transparent as well as same prise as our normal panel(BIPV solar panel) prise is 45rs per watt. We also started solar power plant ongrid/offgrid per kilowatt 55,000rs(980usd) * we also started solar water pump (1) per HP 60,000rs(1000usd) with installation *we started solar panel manufacturing machines. (1) laminator,sun stimulator Dear friends now we started to manufacturer solar panels. prise for a grade solar pv panel is 33rs(0.54usd) per watt prise for a grade solar pv panel is cheaper then chinese per watt contact:kishan patel whatsapp:+919408905901 +919427070583 http://www.solarledlightmanufacturer.com/solar-panel.html

September 09, 2014

solar power plant for fully home or factory or office running by solar power

Solar power plant is the system used to generate electricity for locations where grid is inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive. These solar power pack systems can also be used in conjunction with existing grid for uninterrupted supply of electricity. Akshar Enterprise's solar power packs are based on proven solar technology, which makes them highly efficient and completely maintenance-free.
There are currently many reasons why a solar power pack system can be an important addition to any household / offices. If you are interested in helping the environment, and fight against climate change, then you may already be considering the installation of a renewable energy system to your home/ office. The main advantage of installing a solar energy system is mainly down to the significant boost you will receive to your electricity supply. This means your electricity bills will be reduced quite significantly, while the cost of initial installation of a solar energy system will pay itself off over time. This is a very good natural energy technology to use, if you are seeking a significant reduction to your electricity bill. Another advantage of using solar panels, on a small scale would be to provide lighting in remote locations where grid connection is not possible. So how can you harness the solar energy in a way that is best suited to your needs? Well, you can use solar power panels connected to your home / office in a number of different ways. The latest and the most cost-effective method for integrating solar power to your home/ office, is through the use of Solar Power pack.

Working principle of a solar powered home / office

The Akshar's energy is captured by solar cells on the roof. These solar cells come in a variety of shapes, sizes, formats and integrated technologies. The sunlight falling on the solar module is converted into electricity using the Photo Voltaic (PV) principle. This power is transferred to the charge controller which regulates the amount of energy stored in the batteries. From there, power can be supplied to any devices using the solar power conditioning unit.

September 24, 2013

Solar Water Pumps Manufacturers In India

Akshar has installed very efficient solar water pump in small villages. We use DC motor since solar power is a DC source. This system is very capable as it avoids flimsy power electronics. It is competent of drawing water from 200 ft depth at quarter HP power. This allows pump to run on a cloudy day or early morning when radiation intensity is low. Max flow rate is 30 litters which is enough for supply of drinking and potable water. Such low flow pump will prevent over usage and maintain good water table.

SolarWater Pumps that we offer to our loyal client base is reckoned for total quality measures. These pumps are fitted with workings that ensure lasting service life, very little protection and sturdy construct. Our client service cell takes care of the installation of the pumps. The range is sourced from most quality conscious manufacturers. These pumps are reputed for such qualities.


  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Tensile strength
  • Robust design

August 29, 2013

LED Street Lights - Advantages of Having LED Street Lights

 LED Street Light Manufacturers

LED Street Light Manufacturers
Lighting effects has become quite a pattern and there's no thinking why since it's a way of protection, books our way through the night and is just absolutely practical. It actually isn't eco-friendly, these outside lighting and we're always looking for alternatives to get over problems regarding the surroundings but never can we find ones that can matter. Well, here's a recommendation, exchange your frequent road ones for LED lights.

There are many factors why this technique of lighting is a great choice. First of all, they're extremely eco-friendly because they eat so little energy; it's quite awesome how it controls to function. It's also free from dangerous substances such as mercury and cause. The lights aren't created with filaments like frequent ones but instead they're centered with diodes which decrease the poisons launched into the air and as well as foot prints are reduced as well. These diodes are exclusively used because they help increase the level of resistance of the lights providing them better pay of strength in comparison to your frequent home lights, providing them a much more time life expectancy as well.

LED lights are also much lighter if you were to evaluate them to the ones you've got in your house now. They've got a greater mild consistency and a higher shade heat range. It would have been difficult to think that you could get better mild great quality from something that hardly takes in power at all, right? Well, this one does amazing things for you. With such shiny lighting, you don't have to buy many to mild up your garden or road and you would have better vision after black as well. It's especially ideal if you're scared of criminal activity in your community.

Moreover, LED street lights are also very online since they generate and result that is even and provides has got constant lighting in contrast to other any other road lighting used these days. In example, the widely used mild which is the High Stress Salt road lights need quite a lot of mild to accomplish lighting that is as excellent as the ones you can get from the LED ones. When you use HPS lighting, its primary need is a higher feedback for excellent result of mild and it would use a lot of power as well. This goes to demonstrate just how excellent LED lighting are since they can offer the best lighting high quality with so little feedback.

What's more, when you buy these lighting you would actually be creating one of the best choices you've ever created, cash sensible. Most individuals wouldn't look into this because they price more than any other, but in a lengthy lasting, this is the more economical concept and you'd be able to see an excellent distinction in your cost management once you've changed. You preserve on expenses, price of modifying lighting and you'd also be preserving lots of time as well. so think about it and you'll see why this is an financial commitment rather than a buy.

August 27, 2013

Tamil Nadu to Set Up Solar-Powered Borewells in Forests

Chennai Govt News: 

Tamil Nadu govt will drill bore wells and set up solar-powered motors to pump water to overhead tank in forests and sanctuaries to prevent wildlife from getting into villages in search of water during summer.

The govt said in a statement here on Monday that forest animals project into human habitation in search of water when water bodies in forests dry up in summer when the monsoon fails.

According to the declaration, water would be injected to expense reservoir through completely submersible solar pumps and would be used when needed.

Normal water from the expense reservoir will also be saved in start reasons for creatures to consume and also be used to douse woodlands shoots.

Tamil Nadu govt will set up the carried bore holes and expense tanks in Anamalai Competition Source, Mudumalai Competition Source, Sathyamangalam Competition Source and Kalakkadu Mundanthurai Competition Source in the state.

This apart the govt will also set up 26 solar water pumps but without expense aquariums in the four competition supplies and other woodlands source areas in Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Coimbatore and Vellore regions.

August 26, 2013

Energy Conservation: Chinese Firm Installing 100 Solar-Powered Lights

LED Street Lights Manufacturer

Solar News

The Punjab govt and China govt finalized a memorandum of knowing for the set up of the solar-powered LED lighting and the perform is being done for 100 per cent free, authorities said.

Employees started setting up the streetlights in Iqbal City six times ago and several have been set up. 80 lighting are to be set up in Iqbal City and 20 on Wahdat Street.

The Public-Private Collaboration (PPP) Guiding Panel of the Punjab govt had already been considering a venture to turn all its streetlights to LED lights (not operated by solar energy), said Region Official (Street Lighting) Abdul Qayyum Niazi.

He said that the Preparing and Growth Division and Nationwide Technological innovation Solutions of Pakistan (Nespak) would research the venture and look at the stability of transforming other streetlights in the town in a venture implemented in PPP method.

He said that the China organization was “hopefully” setting up 60-volt LED lights. The streetlights currently in use need 250V.

Requested about the price per streetlight, Visitors Technological innovation and Transportation Preparing (Tepa) Primary Professional Saeed Akhtar said that he could not say because the China organization was setting up them for 100 % free and had not exposed the price. He said that this venture would not obtain the organization any favor when and if the govt should choose to encourage offers for the transformation of streetlights in the relax of the town.

The contract would be granted totally on benefit and according to purchase rules, he said.

The Nationwide Road Power has previously set up solar lights at a number of places, as has the Gujranwala region govt.

The Lahore town visitors cops and Tepa had a few months ago been looking for traders to turn several visitors alerts here to run on solar power, but only two have been set up, at Faisal Chowk and at Garden City.

Akhtar said that they would look for more traders, but no further alterations were currently in procedure.

The PPP Guiding Panel had in Goal made the decision to encourage offers for the set up of LED street lights all over Lahore, since the old salt lighting eat 120 % more power than LEDs. K&N Worldwide Islamabad, a personal organization, placed an unwanted bid to the town govt to substitute the streetlights.

Bids will be welcomed through formal programs, said an formal. Should a organization putting a solicited bid coordinate the provide from K&N Worldwide, the former’s bid would be approved, he said. The govt would pay the effective prospective buyer over the next 10 decades from the cash it helps you to save in power intake, he included.

August 25, 2013

Bosch Begins Reducing Costs as Buys Decline

Experienced with reducing demand for heavy professional automobiles, light professional automobiles and traveler vehicles, Bosch, the Bangalore-based provider of automobile elements to original equipment producers, has launched on a cost-cutting exercise to improve edges and success.

Bosch documented just two per cent development in net benefit at Rs 252 crore for the one fourth finished July.

Now, the company is concentrating on growing and developing its non-automotive item profile, as the automobile item section has not seen much growth in recent areas.

It is also taking action to enhance functional performance and has started actions to deal with expenses on travel and ads. It has also freezing choosing in non-growth areas.

“We are choosing precisely this year, especially in development areas…and put a lock up on recruiting in non-growth places. If our revenues is not improving, our number of workers cannot improve. So, we are choosing precisely, in accordance with the need,” Handling Home Steffen Berns informed Business Conventional.

The business's worker durability has dropped six % to 11,500 from 12,236 in Dec 2011. Overall, the Bosch Team has 26,000 workers. Berns did not specify the number of improvements being made in 2013.

Bosch also organized to use human resources successfully by optimizing various procedures and components, Berns said. The company has also turned to reduction in changes at its industries, based on the demand for products, and optimization of equipment to modify stock levels.

Requirement for tractors

During the one fourth finished July, the organization saw good requirement from tractor creators.

“Tractors are doing well and we are working at complete rate. We have some products in other sections for which we do not need three changes at this time,” Berns said. The company is also making an investment in new revenue programs and marketing ideas and improving localisation. For example, it has started out a place for equipment, abrasives, components and farming document.

It was also providing specialised solutions to Native Indian customers and had also started out a place for thermo technology and solar water heaters units, Berns said.

Bosch does not plan to range down its financial commitment plans for this year.

“We are assured there is a excellent upcoming for Indian. We are making an financial commitment later on and recurring long-term financial commitment strategies in Indian. We are ongoing with the growth of our new place at Bidadi, which will see an financial commitment of Rs 600 crore. Once we move our place from Bangalore to Bidadi, we will convert the Bangalore place into a technological innovation and growth center,” Berns said.


* Expand and develop the non-automotive product portfolio

* Improve operational efficiency

* Cut spending on travel and advertisements

* No hiring in low-growth areas

* Fewer shifts at factories

Find Best Quality Solar Lighting System In India

Today Lot of Demand of Solar illumination components such as Solar Street Light, Solar LED Light, Solar Home light, Solar Water heater, Solar Lantern, Solar Down light, Solar fence and many other solar products is increasing all over the world. Our solar illumination manufacture and largest solar components supplier systems are hugely recognized all around. This has enabled us to be one of the most active solar illumination manufacturer company in India.

Solar Street Light has great potential as a energy source for various kinds of personal homes and organizations. Many people know this proven fact that getting energy from the sun is a clean, environmental-friendly way to generate energy. But many people don't know about solar, however, is that the Solar power Illumination is cost-effective for many property owners.

Solar energy Illumination are also essential because it allows you to shop the energy created by your solar segments for later use, even when the Sun is not radiant. Very just like the solar segments themselves, battery power isn't inexpensive but the energy advantages really add up. Generally, home entrepreneurs who set up a solar program see a income in money saved on homes in as little as three decades or as many as ten decades.

We are living on the world of developments and technology but the growth of technological innovation has created several problems such as increasing contamination, loss natural resources and dangerous way of life. Pollution and quickly reducing energy resources have appeared as a serious issue amongst the environmentalists of all over the world. Now, Solar power Battery power Box, the scientists are involved in searching never-ending energy resources for solving such problems. Solar power is the best way of generating eco-friendly energy for all. This is the reason that solar panel technological innovation is getting special attention in all over the world such as Native Indian.

Akshar Enterprise is a leader in providing & supplying of excellent quality solar power equipments. The company has plunged into this business with an aim to bring awareness among the people for energy conservation. They are well recognized for famous eco-friendly solar lights products comprising solar lantern, solar water submersible pump, solar led light, solar water pump etc.

They are greatest solar producer and provider company in Native Indian having extensive selection and a large number of own suits built over years. The produced items are most excellent in the market and perfect to meet every need of customers. Thus they are well known for offering and creating solar illumination system at inexpensive price points.

August 15, 2013

Demand For Packaging Machine Exporters India

Pouch Packing Machines Manufacturers
The plan of a product is determined as the wrapper of the things that contains all the necessary and useful information like the name of the manufacturer of the product, product prize, size, weight, substances, name of the company, etc. Previously this was the work of humans but now there are different types of packaging machines available. When referring to Indian, the Vacuum packaging machine exporters Indian are in requirement all all over the globe. A innovative and eye-catching item packaging can help a business do amazing things in promoting its items. It instantly improves the sale of the item and hence item packaging has become a very essential factor in the whole making and promoting of the item. The item packaging industry is seeing a very high growth and booming efficiently. It is predicted the item packaging equipment all over the globe would grow by $40 billion dollars every year by 2015. In this area, the requirement for automatic liquid filling machine exporters Indian has improved.

Pouch Packing machine exporters Indian are required due to their low price of manufacturing as in comparison to other countries. This is so because inexpensive labor is in variety in Indian and hence companies implement people at low income and get their packaging systems made with efficiency and affordability. The improve for packaging machine exporters Indian is also linked to the improved intake and non reusable income in such countries.

The need for product packaging is not only to protect the foodstuffs but it is also needed so that items is shown magnificently and the customers is drawn to buy it. The actual style and the visual of the item program is what the customer get drawn towards at first place.

Vacuum Packaging machine exporters Indian trade machines to different customers on the basis of products that the customers organization offers. For example, needing a manufacturers of liquid soaps, would definitely different form needing a organization that produces chips, snacks, etc.

Packaging device exporters Indian are professional in their area. Whenever a company exports products to some other country, it has to stick to the various trade certification techniques that are needed by the publishing countries regulating body. The packaging machines in Indian are of different technological innovation than other countries since the item specifications and functions in every country are different and depending on these only, the packaging devices are developed in a different way.

Just like packaging machine exporters Indian, there are many importers as well. The big multinationals mostly use the same technological innovation all all over the globe when these multinationals get into Indian, they carry along their equipment with them so that the item can be produced with the same top quality and conventional, this needs the need of Vacuum pouch packing machines importer in India.

August 13, 2013

Solar Water Pump Ahmedabad / Solar Water Pumps In Gujarat

Awareness regarding the many issues of the surroundings has increased significantly over the last few years. This has led to many projects such as hygiene drives, use of substitute resources of energy, etc. There are many new homes which have an in-built program of using solar energy panel technology. Some old structures have also set up this energy program in the last few decades. The increase in the price of energy is also another purpose impacting this choice.

A solar water pump is actually a force which is run by another device which is in turn run on solar energy panel technology. There are four parts in a solar energy pump. These are the liquid pump which pumps fumes or fluids, the operator which is responsible for changing the speed and outcome of energy based on the input from the solar energy panel systems, the engine which is generally an electrical motor and of course the energy source which is operated by direct sunlight.

The best thing about solar water pumps is that they are very effective is saving expenses. Since there is no power consumption, one will never need to spend anything on houses. The initial expenses are high since these pushes are more expensive than regular ones, but users will realize that the investment is worth it. These pushes are also more practical than regular. They are more durable too. In fact, these pushes last for a life-time. Since power reduces dont affect the pushes, they can be used at any time. There will be a certain supply of water all throughout the day. The Native Indian government also provides tax rewards to those who have Eco-friendly homes and solar water pumps are included in this list.

They are used for household reasons to run features, lakes, fowl bathrooms, etc. One does not need to worry about connection and cabling between the pump and the station since no electricity is used. In non-urban areas these pumps are often used for reasons of watering and to get water for animals. They are also used for water reasons. Modification of household pushes is a little difficult but those used in non-urban configurations can be changed according to the needs and requirements of the user.

There are usually two kinds of pumps. The circulating pushes are best used in places where hot h2o needs to be transported from one place to another and cold water is to be taken to the source of heat. The other kind of pushes, known as surface pushes is mainly used for purposes of pulling up water. However they cannot do this if the water source lies below six meters or so. In places where the water source lies at greater depths, a submersible pump is installed.

There are many organizations which offer Solar Water Pumps in Ahmedabad and all Gujarat. These organizations offer outstanding services and users can be be confident about the qualities. One of the best organizations providing these pumps is Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer. If anyone needs, then he can contact the above mentioned company.

June 15, 2013

solar water pump

Solar Water Pumps Manufacturers ( 1.5H.P. 2H.P. 3H.P. 5H.P.)

Akshar Enterprise here Introduced about Solar Water Pumps.Solar water pumps are used in world for a number of innovative applications. If you are in a remote area and the cost of running traditional water piping is cost prohibitive, a solar water push may be the right solution for your drinking water needs. Additionally, if you are looking to install a Solar Water Heaters system in your home, you will want to use the right solar water push. Solar water pumping systems are used to push water for livestock, crop irrigation, and even for simple domestic drinking water where a home or town is remote and off the water pipeline.we have 1.5H.P. 2H.P. 3H.P. 5H.P. 

Solar Water Submersible Pumps

solar submersible pump is one that has a made motor, fixed in a pump body. The total construction is engrossed in the liquid that needs to be moved. The benefit of this type of push is that it can offer a lot of raising power, as it does not depend on exterior air demand.

A completely submersible pump has a system of technical closes that is used to avoid the liquid being moved from coming into the motor, leading to a short routine. A pump can either be connected to a tube or a versatile line. 

Some of the types of submersible pumps are bladder pushes, bilge and ballast pump, borehole pumps, booster pushes, and centrifugal pumps. Other examples are condensate pushes, dewatering pushes, fountain pushes, grinder pushes, micro pushes, sampling pushes, trash pushes, utility pushes, and well pushes. Some completely submersible pushes are manufactured for particular applications. These pushes are water submersible pumps, sewage completely submersible pushes, 12-volt completely submersible pushes, sand completely submersible pushes, irrigation completely submersible pushes, and solar power completely submersible pushes. Solar completely submersible pushes have many uses and are suitable for steady but very slow water transfer into a holding tank.

Solar Water Submersible pumps
 solar water pump are discovered in many equipment. Single level pumps are utilized for water flow and drainage, sewer moving, common professional moving, and slurry moving. Multiple level submersible pushes are normally used for water abstraction. These pushes can also be discovered in oil water wells. Moreover, submersible pushes can be located directly in a lake and require relatively little installation. These pushes are also relatively quiet.

The four main requirements that should be considered while choosing a completely submersible push are highest possible expulsion circulation, highest possible eliminate demand, power, and eliminate size.

Previously, the primary problem of completely submersible pumps was that its push close off could crack and launch oil coolant into the water. However, modern pumps are magnet-driven, and no more need a coolant. These magnet-driven pushes are more costly, but they eat less power.

June 04, 2013

solar water pump manufacturer

 We are real manufacturer of solar water dc pump in india. we can provide you 25 years warrenty for motor and we have pump for 10feet to 400feet head and we can give discharge more than other pump suppliers.

heartly in india no body is manufacturing pumps . they buy from chinese . chinese pumps have life only 3years becuse after 3 years magnet will be weak. so water will come less.
we use good quality magnets

solar water pump video


January 12, 2013

solar led street light,led street light,solar street light manufacturer solar street light ,

hi friends .
we start to install high quality solar led street light at very low prises. we sell at 14,500rupees only
(1) 9 led
(2) 42 Ah battery (amaron)
(3) 50watt pv
(4) 7mtr pole

July 23, 2012

solar led street light

Solar led street light
Akshar Enterprise manufacturing “AKSHAR” brand Solar Led Street lighting is a fresh new alternative to traditional street light such as LPS, HPS, or MH street lights. LED lighting provides a multitude of advantages over conventional incandescent light: LED street lights are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective. This smart, "green" option for outdoor lighting has emerged on the green scene due to the recent technological advancements of LED illumination. But more "greener" option for you is Solar street lighting by recycled green energy lighting system. They are of energy saving and environmental friendly, which can be used for residential, road, park and so on. High quality solar panel absorbs sunlight and convert into electricity energy, then charges maintenance-free battery and finally LED street lights automatically when day off, auto-off when day break. The working method of solar street lights is: solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts it to electricity to drive 11W LED Street light. The whole system is mainly composed by : 11W LED street lighting, solar panel, lead acid battery and solar street lighting controller, pole (suggest 5-6m height). Because of different weather condition in different country and different requirements from different market, so the specification of each part of the whole solar street lighting system, especially solar panel and battery, are depending on following factors: • Average local daily sunshine hours. • Working times of the system per night. • Backup days of the solar system during rainy days.  Solar street lights are raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the lighting structure. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a LED lamp during the night.  Features Most solar panels turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light using a light source. Solar streetlights are designed to work throughout the night. Many can stay lit for more than just one night not if sun in not available for a couple of days. Older models included lamps that were not fluorescent or LED. Solar lights installed in windy regions are generally equipped with flat panels to better cope with the winds.  Types Solar street lights are generally classified into two types. (1) Standalone solar street lights : Standalone solar street lights have photovoltaic panels mounted on the structure. Each street light has its own photovoltaic panels and is independent of the other lamps. (2) Centrally operated solar street lights : In this type, the photovoltaic panels for a group of street lights are mounted separately. All the street lights in a particular group are connected to this central power source.  Advantages of LED Solar Street Lighting :  Lower power consumption  Higher power, higher intensity  Save all your electricity cost. Save electric transformer and cable cost. Free maintenance  Environmental Impact - Eliminate Hazardous Disposal  Longer lifetime: Lifespan of solar panel is 20-25 years. Lifespan of LED street lights is 6-8 years. Lifespan of battery is 4-6 years 1. High lumen output LED street light offers up to eight times more brightness than incandescent lamps without emissions harmful to the environment. 2. Tremendous energy savings High power LED light sources are extremely efficient returning a 50 to 80% saving over conventional sodium or mercury lamps. 3. Long life Operating for an average of 10 hours per day LED has a life span of up to 13 years, 50,000 hours. Unlike traditional light bulbs LED is not fragile and susceptible to breakage or vandalism. 4. High Color Rendering LED Lights are excellent Color Rendering lighting,Much more clearly lighting for the Highway. 5. No glare or strobe effect LED light sources do not produce glare or strobe effects common in conventional street lighting, reducing visual fatigue for drivers and pedestrians alike. 6. No dust absorption or yellowing Because LED operates at low voltage and low temperature there is no reduction in brightness or yellowing, which is associated with traditional street lighting, over the life span of the LED. 7. Instant start Unlike sodium lights, require a time delay. 8. Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid. Hence, the operation costs are minimized. 9. Solar street lights require much less maintenance compared to conventional street lights. 10 Since external wires are eliminated, risk of accidents is minimized.  LED Light Bulbs: Comparison Charts : LED light bulbs will eventually be what we use to replace incandescent bulbs – CFLs are a temporary solution to energy-efficient lighting. The reason LEDs have not yet displaced CFLs from the market are twofold: the first generation LED bulbs had a narrow and focused light beam, and the cost of the LED bulbs was too high. Recent developments in LED technology, however, have been addressing these issues. LEDs have been 'clustered' to provide more light, and mounted within diffuser lenses which spread the light across a wider area. And advancements in manufacturing technology have driven the prices down to a level where LED bulbs are more cost-effective than CFLs or incandescent bulbs. This process is continuing, with LED bulbs being designed for more applications while the prices are going down over time. Cost Comparison between LEDs, CFLs and Incandescent light bulbs LED CFL Incandescent Light bulb projected lifespan 50,000 hours 10,000 hours 1,200 hours Watts per bulb (equiv. 60 watts) 6 14 60 KWh of electricity used over 50,000 hours 300 700 3000 Cost of electricity (@ 4.17per KWh)-Rs 1251 2919 12510 Bulbs needed for 50k hours of use 1 5 42 Equivalent 50k hours bulb expense(Rs) 1000 1100 2520 Total cost for 50k hours(Rs) 1351 4019 15030

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March 08, 2012

solar powered led street light

Akshar Business produces efficient solar power operated LED
street lighting system

Akshar Business has designed what is said to be the worlds most efficient and less expensive solar power
powered LED highway lighting style remedy per km of highway.
Kishan patel: newest Solar advancement is designed together with akshar sectors and
presents a total remedy for extremely maintainable and efficient highway lighting style that is a serious alternative to lines
connected systems, reducing power expenditures and CO2 pollutants.
akshar enterprise provides a very energy-efficient LED remedy which is superior to any traditional lighting style and
allows for a table lamp post space of up to 50 measures, much greater than with other alternatives, while at the same
time submission with strict EU highway lighting style requirements (ME3). By getting highway lighting style during the
day, akshar solar power sectors can supplement the potential of the traditional power lines.
Solar akshar sectors is especially valuable for places near the equator, which can take advantage of the
many hours of natural light to supplement the potential of their traditional power lines and so
address their increasing concerns about their ability to satisfy the extreme improve in power need. In non-urban
areas it can basically light up the life of an approximated 1.6 million individuals who don have access to
conventional power.
The akshar solar power products state-of-the-art underlines responsibility to provide modern,
meaningful alternatives that help improve individuals sense of well-being, safety and comfort around the
world, while saving power expenditures and preventing CO2 pollutants, responded Kishan Patel, CEO
Professional Lighting Solutions.By mixing the newest LED lighting style with solar power and battery
developments, Solar provides a best-in class, efficient and cost-effective off-grid lighting style remedy that
can help places fulfill their increasing power need and significantly improve the life of individuals who
currently live without power,he further mentioned.
Kishan Patel says: We are very extremely pleased to have
developed this remedy together with Akshar sectors. By making Solar as power efficient as
possible, we produced something which is truly modern while staying
affordable in those nations that can benefit the most from it. Using the power of the sun as

December 26, 2011


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