September 09, 2014

solar power plant for fully home or factory or office running by solar power

Solar power plant is the system used to generate electricity for locations where grid is inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive. These solar power pack systems can also be used in conjunction with existing grid for uninterrupted supply of electricity. Akshar Enterprise's solar power packs are based on proven solar technology, which makes them highly efficient and completely maintenance-free.
There are currently many reasons why a solar power pack system can be an important addition to any household / offices. If you are interested in helping the environment, and fight against climate change, then you may already be considering the installation of a renewable energy system to your home/ office. The main advantage of installing a solar energy system is mainly down to the significant boost you will receive to your electricity supply. This means your electricity bills will be reduced quite significantly, while the cost of initial installation of a solar energy system will pay itself off over time. This is a very good natural energy technology to use, if you are seeking a significant reduction to your electricity bill. Another advantage of using solar panels, on a small scale would be to provide lighting in remote locations where grid connection is not possible. So how can you harness the solar energy in a way that is best suited to your needs? Well, you can use solar power panels connected to your home / office in a number of different ways. The latest and the most cost-effective method for integrating solar power to your home/ office, is through the use of Solar Power pack.

Working principle of a solar powered home / office

The Akshar's energy is captured by solar cells on the roof. These solar cells come in a variety of shapes, sizes, formats and integrated technologies. The sunlight falling on the solar module is converted into electricity using the Photo Voltaic (PV) principle. This power is transferred to the charge controller which regulates the amount of energy stored in the batteries. From there, power can be supplied to any devices using the solar power conditioning unit.

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